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We have been in the Dental field for more than 15 years starting with the dental team of only 3 doctors; gradually we grew in all fields of Dentistry and then created a dedicated team of Doctors working aggressively on the treatment of Root Canal. We have a strong team of doctors who only specalises in Root Canal tretment & has done more than 1000s of root canal procedures. At Prudent clinic we try to make your procedure as painless & comfortable as possible.

We understand all the minute details & difficulties of root canal and make sure we decide the root canal treatment procedure as per dental need of each & every individual patient.

What is root canal?

A “root canal” is not a treatment, but part of a tooth. It is the hollow section of a tooth that contains the nerve tissue, blood vessels, and other cells, also known as the pulp. A tooth

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Procedure of Root Canal

What are the steps for Root canal procedure? Root canal therapy is done in three steps, and it takes between one to three sessions to complete. 1. Cleaning the root canal First, the dentist removes

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Prevention To prevent infections, tooth decay, and gum disease, dentists recommend: brushing teeth last thing at bedtime and at least one other time each day using toothpaste that contains fluoride

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Why Us???

We are the only Clinic in Pune which has brought a group of Doctors from different fields to find a logical and comprehensive solution to Dental issues with comfortable & proper treatment.

With use of modern technology and World class equipment, we give the most suitable treatment to the individual patient with consultation of different specialist doctors as and when required. Our results have been very commendable with nearly 100% patient confirmed having a significant result  in their root canal procedure. We treat each patient differently as per the patient’s medical history and requirement. This constitutes a 360 Degree approach in our treatment of Root Canal, which is very unique for every patient.

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